Christmas Period

This time of year is hectic for a lot of people, from shopping to planning. But if there is one thing you shouldn’t forget it is to LOCK YOUR HOUSE.

Every body knows that in december you keep sometimes £100s to £1000s of presents and gifts. Thiefs know this too, always check your doors and wimdows are secure before leaving the house or turnng in for the night.

If your unsure how secure you are give us a call and we can provide a free survey for peace of mind.

Specialist key programming

We at Noble Locksmiths specialise in the not so ordinary car keys, some you may think are normal like Renault, Fiat, BMW. But did you know each one requires some form of pre coding at the dealer or security code.

But instead we can find a way round this by reading this “security” information from ECU, Immobilisers or BCM. cutting out the need for the main dealer and saving money.

BMW EWS keys

Lost keys or additional keys to BMWs

Renault Car keys

Renault Megane lost keys

Spare Car Keys

A lot of people now are buying second hand cars without spare keys, this sometimes makes the vehicle cheaper. But if you lost that key then you could end up spending out more on replacing that than if you just got a spare.

Noble locksmiths can help by supplying a spare remote or standard key to your new car, our ALA approved locksmith will come to you and supply and code your keys on site with the latest technology.