Lock Changes or Installation

Locksmith changing a lockIf you require a lock change for Doors, Windows, Cabinets, Garages etc give Noble a call. Whether you have lost your Keys or just require the locks to be changed. Maybe you need new locks for an Insurance upgrade or  have just moved in, we will have what you need.

As you speak direct to the Locksmith he can give you a quote over the phone for the parts required.

We have mobile key cutting facilities on the van so we can cut any extra Keys you require on site. Not only does this save you the journey of getting more cut, it also means the keys can be checked before they are paid for.

In some instances we can also re-key your locks, meaning the old key will not work but a new one will, the benefits of this is that you just pay for a key not a whole new lock.

We NEVER fit locks with restricted keys unless specifically requested.

If you would like some advise on whether you need extra locks please call on 01296 326558. We can give you information over the phone or book you in for a FREE no obligation survey.