UPVC specialist

UPVC windowThere are occasions people will find their uPVC have ‘jammed’ in either the locked or unlocked positions.If this happens to you DO NOT trust anyone that tells you that you will need a new door. This is a problem that Noble Locksmiths come across on a very regular basis and in every scenario we have attended so far we have opened the door and replaced the damaged part for a fraction of the price of a new door.

Noble carry a comprehensive range of different Multipoint Locks and accessories to complete the job in one visit. In certain situations your property will be left secured with specialist temporary locks. We would NEVER charge for second visits.

In many scenarios broken lock mechanisms could be avoided. If you are finding your door harder to lock, if you have to use more force to lift the handle, if the handle is loose or floppy give Noble a call and we can advise you on what may be required.